Month: August 2019

Learning Exposure Triangle
By: Date: August 21, 2019 Categories: Photography

The one aspect of the camera which determines the light delivery on your pictures is exposure. Exposure in photo is the lights quantity that reach a film. It can be determined by shutter speed and lens aperture. The range of exposure can determine the picture effect. The setting of exposure on photograph includes of aperture, ISO speed and shutter speed camera. All of them are called as exposure triangle. The triangle of exposure can be said as the basic learning of DSLR camera.


ISO in film camera refers to how sensitive the film against to the light. The ISO in DSLR camera refers to the sensor setting instead of film. If you move the ISO speed to the lower number, it will sensitive to the light. The low setting of ISO speed will be high to the bright midday …

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Image Software to Enhance Photos
By: Date: August 20, 2019 Categories: Photography

Understanding image software

There are a few things that you need to be fully aware of when it comes to making use of image software, such as making sure that you do not spend more money on the program than you can actually afford. Plus you will need to make sure that you can get your hands on some easy-to-use image software, so you do not spend too much time trying to make sense of a massive instruction manual. The more in depth and technical the program, the longer you are going to have to take to acquaint yourself with the in-depth technical jargon as well as all the icons of all of the tools available. This can lead to a certain amount of frustration and you may feel that you are not able to use the software as well …

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Taking Beautiful Photos Of Newborn Baby
By: Date: August 18, 2019 Categories: Photography

Keep your photo shoot simple.¬†One of the great things of taking photos of babies is that you don’t have to spend too much on his or her clothing and other accessories or props. You won’t require an elaborate set or a hundred outfit changes to get beautiful photos of your baby. Select a simple color palette and background for your photos. Professional photographers say that white is always perfect for newborn photographs. A bed or crib is a soft, comfortable and great place for the whole family to snuggle up with the baby for some adorable and cute family photos.

Make sure your newborn is comfortable during the photo shoot.¬†Ensure that the place where you will be shooting the photos is warm enough for your baby, especially if you want to take pictures of your newborn without a …

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Shooting Winter Landscapes
By: Date: August 18, 2019 Categories: Photography
  1. Carry only the essentials you will need. Loading your camera bag with every bit of equipment you own. Travel as light as possible if you are going to be outdoors photographing all day long. Traveling light will also help you save your energy. When hiking, climbing or crossing snow filled hills; a warm thermos and energy producing food will serve you much more than a extra camera equipment will.
  2. Dress for Success – Proper clothing is essential. You need to be warm and comfortable when out in the weather shooting winter photographs. Winter weather can be brutal, so if you are planning a photography trip, always be prepared.
  3. Keep an eye out for details: Things like Snow, icicles, ice covered objects and frost accentuate texture and atmosphere in your subjects. An early snowy or frosty morning is a great time
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Consider When Retouching A Photo
By: Date: August 16, 2019 Categories: Photography

Retouch the Entire Image

While it may sound obvious, many beginners make the mistake of retouching only the face. For ideal results you should take your time to catch any mistakes that might be on the entire photo. For example, you should take your time to catch distracting dust spots, marks and hairs.

Don’t remove birth and other character marks. While a photo can seem too good without a given mark, you should avoid removing it. This is to ensure that the image represents the owner. For example, if you are retouching a photo of an old man with wrinkles you should retain the wrinkles in order to give character to the photo.

Removing character marks not only makes it hard to identify the person in the photo, it also gives the impression that you are poor in your photo …

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Digital SLR Vs Compact Digital Camera
By: Date: August 15, 2019 Categories: Camera

In spite of the price slashing of digital SLR cameras, they are still costlier than compact digital cameras. However, you can get fast performance and great picture results in digital SLR Cameras, which make them worth to pay its price. As soon as you press the button, it powers-up instantly taking no lagging time and allows you to take the shot. In case of compact digital cameras, you may find the power-up time delayed for few seconds.

As far as size and weight is concerned, the digital SLR cameras come in double than the size of compact digital cameras. Additionally you would need to carry lenses separately. Digital compact cameras come in pocket size, which can fit into your pocket and the lenses comes in the body itself.

Although video capturing is a common feature of both the cameras, the …

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Light Triangle
By: Date: August 15, 2019 Categories: Photography

You already know that you need light to take a picture and that too little or too much light will spoil that picture, so how do you adjust the amount of light that your camera takes in, in order to capture your chosen moment?

The first thing to look at is shutter speed. This is the amount of time that a light blocking cover is moved out of the way to allow light to the sensor. Taking a hobby level digital single lens reflex camera as an example the shutter speed is adjustable from 1/4000th of a second up to 30 seconds. Obviously, the longer the shutter is open, the more light will be let in. If the camera is hand held and the sensor is open for 1/30th second or longer there is a real risk of not being …

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Photogenic Phoenix
By: Date: August 14, 2019 Categories: Photography

Orpheum Theater

This theater is an architectural and stately beauty and has gorgeous paintings on the ceiling. It was built in Baroque and Spanish Medieval styles from 1927 to 1929. In the late 1980s, they began a renovation, which wasn’t completed until 1997. Brought back was much of the original design in the stunning and intricate moldings, murals, and more.

Victorian Heritage Square

If you like to shoot architecture, this is the place to find refurbished historic British shops, restaurants and museums, some of which date back to 1895. If you are there at the right times, ethnic and cultural festivals are often featured such as the Phoenix Brewers Invitational Beer Fest, and these give many pictorial opportunities. This walkable city block also hosts the Phoenix Museum of History and the Arizona Science Center.

Chase Field

Not only is Chase …

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Digital Camera Case
By: Date: August 14, 2019 Categories: Camera

Let us begin by discussing why a camera carrying case is so important. Many of us like to carry our cameras with us everywhere to capture our favorite moments. Unfortunately, our cameras are far from bullet-proof. Cameras are easily damaged by things like wind, dust, sand, precipitation, and extreme weather conditions. It is therefore extremely important to protect our cameras from even the smallest of things. As already established, a camera carrying case will do just that.

When choosing a digital camera carrying case, the main thing to consider is the size that you will need. You will want to select a case that is large enough to hold your camera, yet small enough to keep it from moving around inside of the case.

On top of size, you will also need to consider which type of camera bag you …

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Camera Aperture
By: Date: August 10, 2019 Categories: Camera

Put quite simply your camera aperture is the opening in your camera’s lens that allows differential amounts of light through the lens to the cameras light sensitive sensor behind it. Together with the ISO value and shutter speed of your camera it controls the light exposure used to create your photograph.

The size of your camera aperture is controlled by settings called f/stops. An f/stop can also be likened to the human eye as the iris which controls the size of the eye’s pupil. Similarly the smaller the f/stop value (iris) the larger the camera aperture (pupil) and the more light that passes through the lens to the cameras sensor. The larger the f/stop value the smaller the aperture and the less light passes through..

Digital cameras will allow you to choose from an f/stop range dependent on your camera …

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