DSLR Camera Bag for Traveling
By: Date: July 4, 2019 Categories: Camera Tags:

I’ve tried so many bags until I found one that I really like: Tamrac 5788 Evolution. This is my go to bag for travel and hiking.

Although not very stylish, this bag is so nicely made. The quality is great and the zippers slide easily (big deal for me). It has two different compartments: one for the camera and lenses and one for other items, such as snacks or even a light jacket.

The best thing about this camera bag: it provides three-way access to the gear and it can also be used as a backpack or as a sling bag. Need to change the lens quickly? No problem, just slide the bag and grab the lens. No need to put the bag on the ground. I love this feature.


  • It’s very well-made and roomy
  • Well padded – keeps my equipment protected
  • Converts from backpack to sling very easy for quick gear access
  • It’s very comfortable and does not throw off your center of balance
  • You can easily attach a tripod


  • It’s pretty heavy on its own
  • I wish it was a little more stylish. It does scream camera from a distance.
  • No room for a water bottle. I guess you can put a small one in the top compartment but I prefer using it for other things.
  • It’s a little expensive for a backpack

This bag is for serious amateur photographers and hobbyists who like bringing the camera with them most of the time when they travel. I wouldn’t say that professional photographers would be satisfied with this bag. I know they like to carry way more equipment. A camera body with three lenses and a flash would probably not be enough for them.