How to Make Your Website Entertaining
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The major reason why we build a website is to pass information across to people. In most cases, we also hope to make money from the website. If it is an organizational website, it is expected that the website will convince people to patronize the organization. E-commerce platforms sell products and services directly on the website. Blog websites often advertise for companies, which the companies have to pay for. A lot of people concentrate on making a living from their websites that they forget to make it entertaining. However, when you make your website entertaining, your audience is likely to come back, leading to more traffic that would result in more income.

Use the right colors

Using the right colors is important to make your website entertaining. When you use a single color or when the wrong colors are used or the right colors are wrongly used, they will reduce how much entertainment visitors can get from your website. When you use a single color, it could make your website look bland. Also, you can imagine using dark blue and dark green backgrounds side by side or using a dark blue color text on a dark green background. Your background will look hideous or it will be very difficult to read the text. For these reasons, it is important to carefully pick the right colors and use them well towards achieving a beautiful look that would provide the right aesthetic benefits for your website.

The right use of pictures

The use of pictures is also a great way to make your website more entertaining. Putting sliding pictures that are regularly changed on your home page will go a long way to attract a lot of people. People love to watch pictures and they would want to come and see the new pictures that you have added to the sliding pictures on your home page. The same applies to most or all of the pages on your website. While the other pages should not have sliding images, one or two strategic pictures, properly placed will go a long way to make the page more interesting and entertaining to go through.

Hosting on the right platform

Hosting on the right platform goes a long way to maintain the entertainment your website provides. People want websites that load quickly and are always online. Using the right platform will contribute to achieving a fast loading website and a minimum of 99.9 percent uptime. When this is not the case, most people might close your website before it finishes loading when it is slow. When they also try to visit for some time and regularly come across a page that says your website is down at that moment, they might be forced to leave your website for good. You can read about hosting services to know the right hosting platform for your website.

Quality content

Quality content that is engaging and interesting is also a great way to make your website entertaining. If articles are posted on your website, including interesting stories and funny jokes in between your articles could make them more interesting and entertaining to your audience. The content should also stay true to its topic without click-baiting and not have a lot of irrelevant information. Click bating and a lot of irrelevant information would make your website less entertaining.

Bring in videos

You might want to add relevant videos to your website to make it more entertaining. The videos should be educative and entertaining. It is also best when it is not too long or too short. A video with a length of between 1 and 5 minutes should be great, except the length must be longer or shorter. You should also avoid cases of the video starting to play automatically as it might piss up those who have no intention of watching the video or who have limited data.

Ease to move around

It should be easy to move around your website if you want your audience to find it entertaining. Difficulty in finding what they are looking for could frustrate your audience and a frustrated person is unlikely to find anything around what is frustrating him to be interesting. Thus, you should make sure it is easy to navigate around your website with clear links linking to the right pages on your website.