Kid Tough Digital Camera
By: Date: October 23, 2019 Categories: Camera

Should I really let my kids use these waterproof digital cameras?

Absolutely! It is not a silly idea to allow kids use these rugged kid tough digital camera models. These are built to be durable, not just from the elements but from knocks, drops and spills too. There are even freeze proof and crush proof models which mean that these can withstand the elements as well as whatever life throws at them, making these great everyday cameras.

Ditch the toy camera and get an “adult” kid tough digital camera instead

These digital waterproof cameras need not cost that much more than the toy waterproof kids camera versions, depending on the level of specification required. Any incremental cost is mitigated by the vast improvement in specifications – you are actually getting much more for your money. Also is the practical consideration of having to carry two cameras, when one in fact will suffice. If a family needs a regular compact camera, it would make financial and practical sense to buy a kid tough digital camera.

The Kid tough digital camera brands are seriously tough!

These digital waterproof cameras are much better specified than the toy waterproof kids camera models. Features include:

  • Waterproof: These cameras are not just spills and damp proof; these can be taken underwater with some being able to withstand depths of 10m / 33ft
  • Shock proof: Some can be dropped from heights of 2m / 6.6ft and still work
  • Dust proof: Many are specially sealed and coated so no dust or sand can penetrate the body
  • Freeze proof: Some are able to operate in sub-zero conditions of -10C / 14F making these cameras ideal for the winter including skiing or snowman building
  • Crush proof: The flagship Olympus Tough Stylus 8010 can withstand up to 220lbf / 100kgf force which means that kids and adults alike can jump on it, sit on it or throw things on it
  • Greater resolution: These cameras have a minimum resolution of 10MP
  • Focal length: All cameras have a proper optical zoom with some offering wide angle or 5x zoom
  • Lightweight: The weights of these vary but all are less than 200g. In contrast, the Fisher Price and Vtech camera models range from 300g to well over 1.5kg.

Which are the best kid tough digital camera manufacturers?

The best digital waterproof cameras to consider are:

  • Olympus Stylus Tough (or Olympus Mju) 8010, 6020 and 3000
  • Pentax waterproof W90 and WS80
  • Panasonic waterproof camera Lumix TS10 / FT10
  • Fuji waterproof camera XP10
  • Canon waterproof camera D10