Water Damaged Digital Camera
By: Date: November 11, 2019 Categories: Camera

A camera is essential for recording special memories. Wherever you go, there is always the danger that the camera meets its nemesis, water. The microprocessor and electronic components of a digital camera cannot withstand water. Water damage a digital camera would usually encounter can come from spilled drinks, pool splashes, rain, or worse seawater immersion.

After the initial panic, what do you need to do when your camera gets wet? First thing is to assess whether the wetness is just on the surface or whether it has penetrated the insides of the camera. If it is just surface splashes, wipe it off. But the number one thing to remember is to never turn on your camera if it is off but immediately turn it off if it is on. Keeping it on puts it at a risk of a short circuit in its electrical components. Immediately remove the battery and the memory card. You would want to save whatever is stored in that memory card.

Next, open all the doors and compartments of the camera then turn the camera upside down so that the water immediately drains out. Blot out whatever water you can see using a soft dry cloth. Some say put the camera in a bag of rice, letting it sit for a day and making sure the camera is completely covered by the rice. Rice apparently draws out the moisture of the camera. After one day, take out the camera and open the battery and memory card slot then put it in front of the fan such that the air is blown directly into the open compartments of the camera.

Others say to let it sit in the hot dashboard of a car for a few minutes to dry it out. Still others say get a vacuum cleaner and using the hose, suction the camera dry then let the camera air dry for several days before attempting to turn it on. A hair dryer on a low setting can also be used to gently dry out the inside portion of the camera. The whole point in all these is to immediately dry the camera as best as you can in order to prevent water damage to your digital camera.

It is slightly a different process when the camera is submerged or was splashed with sea water, which is corrosive. You need to immediately clean it out and wipe it with clean fresh water. Then follow the same procedures as above. If you are anxious though about the condition of the camera or think that the water damage digital camera has is worse than you think it is, seek professional help and bring it to a reputable camera repair service center. The brand’s in-house service center would be the best choice.