Waterproof Digital Camera Review
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An underwater camera allows you to capture parts of the world most people only see on screen savers. The photos taken from below the water line (or AT the water line) make for a great photo album, scrapbook, etc. They add tons of color, depth (literally AND figuratively!), and spark a whole different level of nostalgia in the memory when recalling the unique experiences shared in marine situations. But since most cameras you’d have on vacation can’t handle more than a few drops of sea spray, why should the whole poolside/underwater/starboard-side portion of the trip settle for living solely in your mind’s eye due to your existing non-water-compliant camera’s technological shortcomings?

If you’re anything like me, you’d prefer to carry as little around as possible when going on a vacation, especially one where a lot of time will be spent …

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Take Good Beach Photos
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However, not everyone is good at making all kinds of nice poses in front of the camera. Don’t worry, in below will suggest some very simple but really nice poses to you.

  • You can ask your traveling companion who is holding the camera to capture your turning around moment with a big smile and looking straight at the camera. Capturing the exactly turning moment is the key to make this pose successful, which requires privity between you and the photographer.
  • Back facing the camera, you can fondle your hair with your left hand and take your large brim hat with the right hand. Your should face towards the direction of the wind at beach, so your hair and brim hat will sway like dancing along with the wind. What a beautiful moment that would be!
  • When the sunshine become
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Make Breathtaking Photos
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Pick Your Spots Carefully

If you take your time to review the stunning photos captured by your colleagues, you will start to discover certain patterns. There is a particular one that emerges from the pile of the miscellaneous others – unique perspective.

You can easily notice that some of the photos of world-famous architectural masterpieces are simply more stunning than others. Why? Because a photographer picked an interesting spot to take photographs from.

Practice Composition

Every great photo follows the rules of great composition. If you are completely unfamiliar with composition in photography, the first thing you should learn is the rule of thirds. You should look at your photo as if were a tic-tac-toe (3×3) board. If you check the work of your colleagues, you will soon discover that they place interesting objects on the intersection of these lines.…

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Careers in Video Production to Consider
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Video Production

Video production offers a wide range of career opportunities for creative people in the areas of storytelling, visual communication and media production. Video production is a field that will match your interests, whether you are interested in filmmaking, TV production, advertising or digital content creation. Consider these 15 video production careers.

Film Director

You oversee the creative aspects of filmmaking, such as interpreting scripts, guiding actors, and making artistic decisions.


Cinematographers, also known as directors or photography, are responsible for all aspects of visual production, such as lighting, camera angles and composition. Cinematographers work closely with directors to achieve the desired look, mood, and style through lighting, camera angles, composition, and other techniques.

Video Editor

Video editors are responsible for assembling raw footage, creating engaging narratives, adding visual effects and audio, and preparing videos that can be used in …

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15 Careers to Consider in Video Production
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Video Production

Video production is an expansive field that offers creative individuals many career options in storytelling, visual communication, media production, and media consumption. No matter your interest – filmmaking, television production, advertising, or digital content creation – video production will likely offer an ideal match. Here are 15 careers in video production to consider

Film Director

As a film director, you oversee all creative aspects of film production, including interpreting scripts and guiding actors as needed, making artistic decisions, and ensuring the vision for each project comes alive on-screen.


Cinematographers (sometimes known as directors of photography ) oversee all visual aspects of a film or video production, including lighting, camera angles, and composition. Working closely with their director counterpart, cinematographers help achieve desired looks, moods, and styles through lighting techniques, camera angles, and composition.

Video Editor

A video editor’s job

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6 Incredible Photography Techniques
By: Date: December 17, 2022 Categories: Photography

Photography Techniques

Whether you are an expert or just starting out, some incredible photography techniques can improve your photography. These tips can improve your composition and lighting. They can even help you capture the perfect moment.


Creating compelling photos is about utilizing composition. By putting subjects in the right places and eliminating distracting elements, the viewer’s eye is guided to the point of interest. As mentioned by Zoe Reardon, composition is a complex concept, but several fundamental rules can help you achieve balanced images. Among these are the rule of thirds and filling the frame. The rule of thirds is one of the first composition rules that a beginner should learn. It divides the photo frame with two horizontal lines that are equally spaced. A good way to practice this technique is to get down on the ground and take

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How To Recover Deleted Files From Mac OS X/Mac‍
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If you’ve ever had to recover deleted files from a Mac, you know that the process can be a bit daunting. Luckily, this guide will help you get through it as quickly and efficiently as possible. We’ll cover the different Mac data recovery from a Mac, as well as some tips on how to avoid losing files in the first place.

So whether you’ve accidentally deleted a file or have had to recover one for some reason, this guide will have you covered.

Back up your Mac

Before you begin recovering files from your Mac, you should make sure to back up all of your data just in case something goes wrong. This will ensure that you have a copy of all your files somewhere else in case the worst happens. So, make sure to back up your Mac using …

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How to Make Your Website Entertaining
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The major reason why we build a website is to pass information across to people. In most cases, we also hope to make money from the website. If it is an organizational website, it is expected that the website will convince people to patronize the organization. E-commerce platforms sell products and services directly on the website. Blog websites often advertise for companies, which the companies have to pay for. A lot of people concentrate on making a living from their websites that they forget to make it entertaining. However, when you make your website entertaining, your audience is likely to come back, leading to more traffic that would result in more income.

Use the right colors

Using the right colors is important to make your website entertaining. When you use a single color or when the wrong colors are used …

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Shoot for the Moon
By: Date: January 27, 2020 Categories: Photography

Almost everyone has experienced a “moon-lit night”. This is when a full moon, or nearly full moon, lights up a dark night. You see everything around you fairly well, which is evidence that the small amount of sunlight that the moon reflects is actually quite bright.

Why is this a problem for moon photography? When the moon is so bright and everything itself is much darker, it is impossible to make a photo where both the moon and the subject are clearly visible. Either the moon is very bright and washed out (and everything else is properly exposed), or the moon’s details are well-defined, but everything else is black or very dark. We’ll get to possible solutions in a little bit.

The other problem with moon photography is that it is actually quite small in the sky. Using a normal …

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Producing Wonderful Canvas Prints
By: Date: January 27, 2020 Categories: Photography

Speedy convenience

If you are considering canvas prints online; take into account that like most other production methods, it’s more convenient and cost saving to have as many pictures processed at one time as possible. Your online service has the capacity to provide you with prints on canvas quickly and effectively. An example of this is that not only can the original photo to be transformed onto canvas, but also the negatives.

Prints for effective gifts

Canvas prints online make unusual and special gifts that are highly appreciated by the recipient. High-quality photos on canvas can be produced from digital photos, with this method of transformation being an easy and effective process. For a professional, it is possible for ordinary photographs to be transposed into a canvas print; using the latest procedures. In the application of the Giclee canvas, the …

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Digital Camera Buying Blunders
By: Date: January 26, 2020 Categories: Camera
  • Buying a camera without testing it. Just like a car, you need a test drive to evaluate its features. When choosing a digital camera, play around with the settings and the features. Test the camera in different lightings and go over the manual to browse the camera’s specifications. This is why it’s advisable to go to the camera store itself to check the gadget for yourself. If you choose to shop online, this option may not be available.
  • Relying on megapixels. While it’s an important camera feature, it isn’t all about megapixels. The higher the megapixel, the clearer the photos are. But you should also include zooming features, the shutter speed, as well as the brightness settings and a lot more other features. Never use megapixels alone to decide if a camera is for you. You’d be surprised that a
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Insight Into Image Masking
By: Date: January 25, 2020 Categories: Photography

Another masking technique utilizes the transparency of the object (in an image) itself to affect its visibility. This can help you to edit your old images and give them a new look. You can also play around with your new images and create something unique that can be used in advertising, social networking or just for creating a photo album. For masking an object, you can either use a vector or a bitmap image. The technique can be applied to multiple objects or grouped objects as well. Often, business professionals use masking for creating catalogues for various products that they sell.

If you have used other vector illustration applications such as Macromedia FreeHand, perhaps you are familiar with vector masks, which are very convenient for image editing. The layout of a vector mask object crops the underlying objects to the …

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Set Up Canon EOS 2000D or Rebel T7 DSLR Camera
By: Date: January 25, 2020 Categories: Camera

The Battery

The first thing you need to do is to fully charge your battery. Everybody wants to put the battery on and take pictures straight away, but you should really fully charge your battery first. By fully charging and then draining your battery as you use it, use extend the life of the battery. It only takes three or four hours. Then put the battery into the camera at the bottom of the camera. If you look at the battery then you see that there are electrical connectors on one end and there is a Canon logo on the battery, so to put the battery in properly, you have the connectors facing the camera and the logo facing you and it will go in. Like most modern batteries it will only go in one way so if it doesn’t …

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