15 Careers to Consider in Video Production
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Video Production

Video production is an expansive field that offers creative individuals many career options in storytelling, visual communication, media production, and media consumption. No matter your interest – filmmaking, television production, advertising, or digital content creation – video production will likely offer an ideal match. Here are 15 careers in video production to consider

Film Director

As a film director, you oversee all creative aspects of film production, including interpreting scripts and guiding actors as needed, making artistic decisions, and ensuring the vision for each project comes alive on-screen.


Cinematographers (sometimes known as directors of photography ) oversee all visual aspects of a film or video production, including lighting, camera angles, and composition. Working closely with their director counterpart, cinematographers help achieve desired looks, moods, and styles through lighting techniques, camera angles, and composition.

Video Editor

A video editor’s job entails compiling raw footage into an engaging narrative, sequencing scenes, adding visual effects, and improving audio to craft engaging videos for films, television shows, online platforms, or any other form of media.


Producers oversee every aspect of video production from its inception and budgeting to hiring crew, securing locations, managing schedules, and ensuring projects are finished on time and within budget.


Screenwriters create scripts and dialogue for films, television shows, commercials, and other video projects. They develop characters, plotlines, and dialogue to convey stories effectively to an audience.

Production Designer

A production designer is responsible for creating the visuals and aesthetics of film or video productions. Working closely with directors and art departments, production designers craft sets, props, and costumes that reflect the project’s mood and atmosphere.

Sound Designer

A sound designer works to blend audio elements like dialogue, music, sound effects, and ambient noise into films or video productions for maximum emotional impact and immersive viewing experiences.

Motion Graphics Designer

A motion graphics designer specializes in animating visuals, typography, and effects for video productions, including titles, transitions, logos, and special effects.

Digital Content Creator

Digital content creators produce and distribute video content across online platforms like social media, streaming services, websites, and blogs. Their videos may feature engaging vlogs, tutorials, or promotional pieces designed to reach target audiences online.

Broadcast Journalist

Broadcast journalists provide news and stories through video broadcasts for television, radio, or online media outlets. Their duties involve researching, interviewing, and gathering footage to produce informative news segments or documentaries that engage viewers and keep their attention.

Advertising Producer

Advertising producers oversee the production of commercials, promotional videos, and branded content for advertising agencies, brands, and marketing campaigns. Working collaboratively with clients, creative teams, and production crews, they craft engaging video ads targeting specific audiences.

Visual Effects Artist

Visual effects artists use digital effects and animations to enhance the storytelling in films, television shows, commercials, and video games. Utilizing computer-generated imagery (CGI), they use computer simulation to recreate realistic simulations of natural phenomena, fantastical creatures, and otherworldly environments – further enriching audiences’ viewing experiences.

Multimedia Journalist

Multimedia journalists produce multiplatform multimedia content for news organizations and online media outlets, such as videos, articles, photos, and interactive graphics. They report stories, conduct interviews, and create multimedia packages that engage audiences across various platforms.

Documentary Filmmakers

Documentary filmmakers specialize in nonfiction films that explore real-life events and social issues. Through research, filming, and editing documentaries, they aim to inform, educate, and foster discussion around various subjects, from environmental conservation to human rights issues.

Video marketing specialists create and execute effective strategies for brands, businesses, and organizations. Their engaging video content creation includes commercials, product demonstrations, and testimonials to promote products/services/brand awareness.

No matter your background – filmmaking, advertising, journalism, or digital content creation – video production provides creative individuals who love storytelling and visual communication an abundance of exciting career options in visual communication and storytelling. By exploring 15 distinct careers within video production, you may discover one that perfectly suits your interests, talents, and aspirations, leading you into the dynamic world of video production for many rewarding years to come!

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