Month: July 2019

Rules of Composition in Photography
By: Date: July 31, 2019 Categories: Photography

Some of us however want to take their photography one step further and turn it into a hobby which we can develop and improve. So we dispense with our point and shoot camera and stop using our phones and invest in a reasonably decent camera. Personally, although I had been taking pictures for almost 50 years, I only took it up as a serious hobby in 2010 when I purchased a Panasonic DMC-FZ38 prior to visiting Kenya on my first Safari.

To begin with, I looked at the 128 page manual, hardly understood a word, so set the camera to auto and went off on safari. I took some great photos but it was only after I joined a local camera club and started to learn about the art of composition that I began to actually look through the lens …

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Pick the Ideal Digital Camera
By: Date: July 28, 2019 Categories: Camera

If you’re an amateur photographer, keep to the low-end of cameras, one that you can afford. Then teach yourself about composing photos, exposure, along with other techniques.

Once you determine that you enjoy photography as a hobby and you would prefer some advanced functions, then you can sell your old equipment and graduate to higher-end models.

If you figure out that you’ve got a secret gift in taking great pictures and you’re thinking that you may genuinely wish to make some money from your talent, then you can spend more money on fancy equipment.

But your cash goes furthest if you get quality lenses. This will make a bigger impact than buying a costly camera body.

The biggest misconception when picking a camera is that the megapixels make a big difference in the quality of your images.

Unless your image …

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Getting Expert Newborn Photography
By: Date: July 28, 2019 Categories: Photography

First, there will be no other time when your kid will be this way – all curled up in a tiny bundle. These days, kids grow up very fast. And as a parent, it is a natural desire for you to capture the moments when your child is still an infant. Details like the tiny fingers closing in, the soft and tender movements that can easily melt your heart, and the innocent eyes that stare out at you can be brought to life in photos. In turn, this will allow you to relive those precious and priceless weeks.

Second, the photos can become more creative. As opposed to taking photos of your child through your mobile devices or cameras, a professional photographer can actually add a concept to the images. Items such as blankets, baskets and scarves can actually help …

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Poster Frames
By: Date: July 27, 2019 Categories: Photography

Standard sizes

Over the years, poster frames have gone through a lot of development on the basis of the size of concert posters, movie posters, and format art prints.


The border is made of plastic and a plexiglass that covers the poster. The back is made from cardboard, which makes the frame lightweight. For easy hanging, the back has a hook as well.

There is an option to install a mat as well. However, you won’t see double matting in these frames because they will add extra weight.

Snap Frames

Snap frames is another great option. Usually, snap frames load the photos from the very front, which allows you to replace the photo without removing the frame. For ease of access, all of the sides of the frame are open. They are good for movie posters.

Acid-free poster frames

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How to Pose for Pictures
By: Date: July 25, 2019 Categories: Photography

Angle your face

If you want to learn the basics of how to pose, you have to start with your face. This is the fundamentals of posing as the other parts of your body will follow suit if you have a glamorous pose that ignites the camera. Do practice looking in front of the camera as to find the best angle. Normally, professionals will tend to tilt their face a little, so that shadows can be casted along the cheekbones and your nose. More importantly, make sure that if you tilt and turn, do not make yourself appear as if the pose is forced, that will look very unnatural and could become the catalyst of a loud guffaw.

Find a place for your hands, do something

Knowing how to make use of your hands is the key to avoid looking …

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Nikon D3400 Mode Dial
By: Date: July 23, 2019 Categories: Camera

In other words the camera will decide what the best exposure is for the picture you are trying to take. So you can see that it is quite important that you select the right mode but also that you understand what the mode is trying to do, so that when you find yourself in a circumstance where you want to take a picture a certain style or in a certain way, you can select the correct mode. We are going to go through all of them and I am going to give you a brief outline of what they do and what parameters are, and the things that you can change within those parameters and modes, and ultimately how you can take the best pictures possible with this camera.

So lets have a look at the first one on the …

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Choose Family Photographer
By: Date: July 23, 2019 Categories: Photography

There are so many seasoned photographers, but when taking family photos, you want to rely on a professional who has what it takes to give you the best. There are things that you must think through when making your selection if at all you are to end up in the arms of a good and reliable family photographer. Here are a few questions that can help you pick out a good photographer to handle your family photo needs?

  • Are they good with children? Remember that kids can be quite a handful, especially when you want them to be in a particular position. A good family photographer needs to be patient with children and should know how to best address them so they are able to capture the best photos even with kids who can hardly stand or sit in one
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Understanding Histograms
By: Date: July 23, 2019 Categories: Photography

If you’re in the hunt for your first DSLR camera, or you’ve just purchased a DSLR and you’re new to digital photography, chances are you’ve been on the internet and watched one or two videos about things you should know or might want to know in order to get the most out of your camera – these are the “basics” or “fundamentals” type videos, of which there are a ton on YouTube. In some of these videos, they may have talked about something called a Histogram – usually telling you to look on your camera’s LCD screen, after you’ve taken a photo and “see what the Histogram is telling you”, as a way to know whether your photo has come out properly, or is otherwise either too bright or too dark, in which case you will need to make certain …

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Tricks for Event Photography
By: Date: July 18, 2019 Categories: Photography

Take Some Pre-event Shots

You may want to capture some shots of the main room before the guests arrive. The event planner will be able to use these shots in order to sell their business services down the road. The pictures will be very valuable for your client and they may hire you again for your services. Therefore, taking some shots before the event starts is a stroke of genius and it will help you grow your business.

Don’t take too many photos

While you may want to take more shots than you need, taking photos unnecessarily is not a good idea. Taking amazing photos is the goal, but make sure you don’t spoil the mood of the guests. The attendees should be able to have a great time and it should be your priority.

The attendees would love to …

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Guide to Camera Lenses
By: Date: July 18, 2019 Categories: Camera Tags:

Focal Length

The main identifying feature of a lens is its focal length. Lenses with a single fixed focal length are known as prime lenses.

The focal length of a lens is a measure of how strongly it converges or diverges light. A lens with a short focal length is stronger than one with a long focal length. In other words, short focal lengths bends the rays more strongly, bringing them to focus in a shorter distance. Short focal length lenses have a wider angle of view. Conversely, a lens with a long focal length is weaker, and bends the rays more feebly, bringing them to a focus in a greater distance. Long focal length lenses have a narrow angle of view.

A lens with a focal length about equal to the diagonal size of the film format is known …

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