How to Pose for Pictures
By: Date: July 25, 2019 Categories: Photography

Angle your face

If you want to learn the basics of how to pose, you have to start with your face. This is the fundamentals of posing as the other parts of your body will follow suit if you have a glamorous pose that ignites the camera. Do practice looking in front of the camera as to find the best angle. Normally, professionals will tend to tilt their face a little, so that shadows can be casted along the cheekbones and your nose. More importantly, make sure that if you tilt and turn, do not make yourself appear as if the pose is forced, that will look very unnatural and could become the catalyst of a loud guffaw.

Find a place for your hands, do something

Knowing how to make use of your hands is the key to avoid looking stiff in a photo. If you are simply placing your hands by the side while taking a photo, you are doing it wrong. They may seem the easiest, but it will make your photo look lifeless and dead, much like a snapshot that was taken decades ago. You can choose to tuck your hands inside the pocket, put it on the hips or do some movements and gestures that will eventually look natural in the photo.

Get creative and focus on your strengths and assets

Instead of taking a standard photo, why not opt for something idiosyncratic? Something unique and true to yourself, instead of hopping on the “trends” set by your friends, which in short mean don’t blindly follow what they do. Let’s say you are good at dancing, show if off in your photo with an awesome funky dance move that you’re just good at it. Let’s say if you are proud of your voluptuous figure, then perhaps you can try wearing a skin-tight outfit that shows off your curves. Just remember to get creative, find the right pose, the right outfit and the lighting, which will help you stand out as an individual. Candid photos are creative too, as the moment when you are doing something naturally will be captured, rather than to purposely pose for the camera, some of these snapshots actually turn out great.

Maintain a good posture

Stand up straight, relax your shoulders and look confident. Trust me, you will look slimmer and taller and the photos will turn out better. Practice this for a period of time, and you will realize the significant difference and the importance of not slouching. People will perceive you differently when you radiate that confident vibe.