Month: July 2019

Lens Filters for Camera Lens
By: Date: July 6, 2019 Categories: Camera

Graduated neutral density or split filters are handy for scenes with extremes of dark and light. Sunrises and sunsets are examples. In a sunrise, the sunlight on the horizon can overpower any clouds in the sky. The graduated neutral density filter allows less of the intense light to pass through that part of the filter. By using this filter, clouds in the sky are better defined. The second part of the filter brings out the details and colors in the foreground. Without the filter, the foreground of a scene with a sunrise or sunset is usually dark and shadowy. That part of the filter allows more light in to enhance the foreground.

Polarizing filters are for taking photos outdoors in bright light conditions. Sunlight on water, ice, glass, or other reflective surfaces can cause glare. This filter reduces glare and …

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Photograph Interiors
By: Date: July 6, 2019 Categories: Photography

Decide on camera position.

When photographing an interior, do you do that with the eyes of the visitor or user of a space or the designer? A designer may want you to give an overview of the interior to enable him to explain the layout of the place. The camera standpoint is that much higher than that of a visitor. For a good coverage you may want to do both.

When positioning the camera, use a sturdy tripod with good leveling possibilities. You will find that the so called ‘ball-head’ tripods used for flexible positioning are far from ideal for this type of work. Better is to use a tripod head where you can adjust every dimension independently. The build-in leveling device will give you a good starting point. Look for walking patterns and view lines in the interior. Make …

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Refurbished Canon Cameras
By: Date: July 6, 2019 Categories: Camera

Cameras that have been refurbished in order to get rid of a small defect perform just as well as new equipment and are a boon to the purchaser in terms of the price while enabling the manufacturer to re-use their product in an economical and eco-friendly manner. In addition, the purchasers of refurbished cameras will find that the original accessories are included with the cameras together with a warranty.

Canon refurbishment standards are even more comprehensive than their manufacturing standard. Manufactured cameras are tested at random while each and every refurbished camera is tested stringently through Quality Control. After repairs and quality checks the equipment is packed and stamped as refurbished and sold with the relevant paperwork, new manuals, cables, software CDs and straps. The warranty given with the refurbished camera will usually be for a shorter period of time …

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Surveillance Cameras
By: Date: July 4, 2019 Categories: Camera

The first thing that you need to do is to set a spending limit for fake Surveillance Cameras. The best fake cameras are almost as affordable as the prices of cheaper cameras.

The next thing that you should do is to research some models of original surveillance cameras. You need to know what model will be best for your house. For example, bubble cams that are used in department stores will definitely look out of place if it is hung over your back door. So do your research well.

In your fake camera, look for real glass lenses. Although this feature will just cost you more, you will need real glass lenses to convince criminals that the ones you’re using at home aren’t fakes. If your video surveillance cameras use plastic lenses, especially those that are flat and non-curved, then …

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DSLR Camera Bag for Traveling
By: Date: July 4, 2019 Categories: Camera Tags:

I’ve tried so many bags until I found one that I really like: Tamrac 5788 Evolution. This is my go to bag for travel and hiking.

Although not very stylish, this bag is so nicely made. The quality is great and the zippers slide easily (big deal for me). It has two different compartments: one for the camera and lenses and one for other items, such as snacks or even a light jacket.

The best thing about this camera bag: it provides three-way access to the gear and it can also be used as a backpack or as a sling bag. Need to change the lens quickly? No problem, just slide the bag and grab the lens. No need to put the bag on the ground. I love this feature.


  • It’s very well-made and roomy
  • Well padded – keeps
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Essential Camera Tips
By: Date: July 2, 2019 Categories: Camera

The first cause is simply holding the camera incorrectly. The solution to camera shake is just as simple: hold your camera correctly. Whether you use simple digital cameras or the latest SLR digital camera, the proper hold is the same: Hold your camera close to the body. Tuck in your elbows snugly against your sides. Maintain a steady and relaxed grip on your camera. Stand with your legs roughly a shoulder’s width apart.

The aim of these suggestions is to stabilize both the camera and your body. This will ensure that camera remains as still as possible.

The second cause are simply common mistakes made during shooting that increase the likelihood of camera shake. Even if you have a top-of-the line Sony digital camera with monitors, you will still need to avoid these common mistakes to ensure your camera images …

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Get Stunning Birthday Party Photos
By: Date: July 2, 2019 Categories: Photography
  • Prepare for the party: As pointed out by Abraham Lincoln, if you are planning to cut down a tree, you should spend 90% of the time in sharpening the axe. Only preparation can make the activity better. Make all sorts of arrangements for the gathering and when the preparations begin well-in-advance, you can stay relaxed on the day or two before the party.

What should be prepared? Here, you might get a doubt as to what to prepare for? Decide whether the gathering is going to be conducted in your home or in a party or an amusement park. Once the location is decided prepare a photographic blueprint. When this decision is made, you can practice by capturing some images in the place so that you can decide on the settings to be made with your digital camera with respect …

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