Month: June 2019

Buy Canon Digital Camera
By: Date: June 18, 2019 Categories: Camera

If this is your first camera you may be torn as to which is the best digital Canon. But consider instead what kind of pictures you like to shoot, or even, why exactly are you buying a digital camera anyhow.

Maybe its because you are expecting a baby and want to capture every glorious moment from his or her birth. Or could it be because you are going away on vacation?

Now if this isn’t your first camera, then are you replacing an old one, or will it be a back up camera?

While a point & shoot is lightweight & compact it robs you of tremendous creative flexibility and for this reason I always recommend a digital SLR over a point & shoot, especially if this is the only camera that you will have.

However there are many excellent

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Make a Great Photographer
By: Date: June 16, 2019 Categories: Photography
  1. Orientation: How you place the camera is going to make or break the situation. When you have imagined the scene in your mind fully and are all set to capture it the way you have conceived, align the camera to your imagination. This is an art you need to learn and it comes by sheer practice. Many a times, you must have faced this problem that the captured shot is way different that what you saw in actual. This is a case of flawed orientation. Sometimes, flukes happen and a great shot is captured. But to make that fluke a habit, train under a professional and make as many mistakes as you can. You will learn better and last like forever eternity in the business.
  2. Organization: How elements are placed in respect to each other in a frame decide the
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Avoid These Newbie Photographer Fails
By: Date: June 16, 2019 Categories: Photography

Mounting Lens Hood Backwards

For convenient storage, you can usually keep your lens hood mounted the opposite way on your camera. The mistake comes when you begin shooting and you’ve forgotten to take your Lens Hood off to have it fixed on properly. The lens hood for your camera has been designed especially for your camera, to avoid unwanted light affecting your image (e.g. you might get lens flare in a situation where you don’t want it).

Forgetting To Change White Balance

White Balance ensures that anything with white in your frame appears white in your photo. Forgetting to change the White Balance can cause unwanted discoloring of your photos (e.g. whites can appear blue, orange, or even a green).

The OIS Switch Not Turned Off On A Tripod

This one is a very easy mistake to make. Optical Image …

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Saving Slides
By: Date: June 14, 2019 Categories: Photography

One problem with sending them out for conversion to photos is that they won’t pick the best ones and discard the rest. Also, they won’t crop, center and straighten the problem pictures. Dark ones will turn out visible but slightly dark and off color.

It is important to sit down with your wife or significant other to decide which slide are important enough to keep. Duplicate slides should be avoided and this is an opportunity to discard any extremely under or over exposed slides. If someone got carried away on a trip to the park or another country and took too many pictures, judicious editing will keep the number of images to a minimum for interesting viewing.

A method I have used with great success is to photograph each slide with a digital camera. I first cleaned any dust from …

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Tricks Photograph in the Snow
By: Date: June 14, 2019 Categories: Photography

Most cameras see the snow as a brightly lit area and adjust the exposure towards middle gray to account for it. In other words, the picture comes out dark. The camera’s exposure meter can’t tell the difference between snow white or any other color. It simply tries to adjust the bright white towards an average scene. This leaves your breathtaking snow pictures dark and gray looking instead of vibrant white. Welcome to the world of snow photography!

Now, I guess you are wondering how you can stop the camera from doing that, so you can get the photo you desire. It’s quite simple. All you have to do is adjust the exposure compensation setting on your camera to the setting that gives you the look you desire. You may want to start with EV +1 as that works well most …

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GoPro Editing Software
By: Date: June 13, 2019 Categories: Photography

The first thing you want to have is a designated folder for your video files. If you like to record a lot of video, then you would be surprised to learn just how much space it takes up over time and how quickly it can get out of hand for you to try to keep track of your files. For individual video projects you will want to create sub-folders and organize them either by date or by specific project titles. This will also make it easier to pull any videos for further edits.

On the technical side of the GoPro video editing process you want to be sure to have a dedicated video editor. If you are stuck using Windows Movie Maker then you will definitely want to download the free GoPro Studio Edit Software. This program natively handles GoPro …

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Take Great Water Photos
By: Date: June 12, 2019 Categories: Photography

Freeze Water

There is no way you will take great photos if you don’t freeze the water. One of the most effective ways of doing this is using a very fast shutter speed. This calls for you to set your camera to its fastest shutter speed.

Be Cautious When Shooting Large Waves

Waves are great when you shoot them properly. You should note that the larger the wave, the more dramatic it is. To take excellent photos you should use a lens with a long focal length. You should also remember to keep your distance when taking the photos.

Use Reflection To Your Advantages

Water has a great reflective quality; therefore, you should take advantage of it. For ideal results you should shoot in more than one direction while paying a lot of attention to the position of the sun.…

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Compose A Great Photo
By: Date: June 11, 2019 Categories: Photography Tags:

Rule Of Thirds

Compose your photo using the rule of thirds. Divide the picture area in to nine squares. Supposing you are taking a photograph of a landscape then the top one-third should be of the horizon and the bottom two-thirds should be of the scenery closer to you. You can also use this to compose the picture of a person by placing them in the central two squares and the back ground in the rest of the area of the picture. If it is a river or mountain in the background then place the person in the right or left bottom two squares of the composition while the river or mountain is placed on the side in the background.

Golden Triangle

When there are strong diagonal elements in the subject, divide the scenery into three triangles. A right-angled triangle …

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PTZ Cameras
By: Date: June 11, 2019 Categories: Camera

Movable cameras while very useful in the right situation can also be useless and even harmful to the overall security of your property if used in the wrong situation or environment. PTZ’s are most efficient when used to supplement an already well designed surveillance system. For example, if you rely solely on the PTZ for coverage you may be disappointed when your camera is facing the wrong direction when you need it most. However if you have designed a surveillance system around a number of fixed or Variable Focus cameras that give you excellent general view coverage, Guards, Security staff or the property owner can quickly and easily zoom in to get a closer look at what they have deemed an area that needs to be looked at more closely. Cameras can also be programmed to run a pattern or …

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Nikon D3400 White Balance
By: Date: June 8, 2019 Categories: Camera Tags:

There are two ways of looking at the Nikon D3400 white balance. The most obvious one is when you are looking at the back of the camera as you press the i button and D3400 white balance is third along the top line and that gives you the option to select the white balance that you want. However it does not let you change the white balance within those settings. If you want to do that you need to go into the MENU OPTION and then go into SHOOTING MENU, then you go down to white balance and you will see that you have all the options that you would see when you look in the button, but, should you press your multi-selector to the right, it will give you the option of either deciding to have a different …

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