Buy Canon Digital Camera
By: Date: June 18, 2019 Categories: Camera

If this is your first camera you may be torn as to which is the best digital Canon. But consider instead what kind of pictures you like to shoot, or even, why exactly are you buying a digital camera anyhow.

Maybe its because you are expecting a baby and want to capture every glorious moment from his or her birth. Or could it be because you are going away on vacation?

Now if this isn’t your first camera, then are you replacing an old one, or will it be a back up camera?

While a point & shoot is lightweight & compact it robs you of tremendous creative flexibility and for this reason I always recommend a digital SLR over a point & shoot, especially if this is the only camera that you will have.

However there are many excellent Canon point & shoot cameras and if this is your preference you are sure to find one that is perfect for you.

In buying a Canon digital camera you should also consider your current skill level as well as where you’d like your level to be in, say, 6 months. If you are familiar with the elements of good composition, or how different lens apertures affect depth of field, i.e. the clarity of your pictures from the nearest to the farthest object in your frame, then you should consider a Canon camera that has view finder grid lines and a depth of field preview button, etc.

And if you are not familiar with these terms you may wish to check them out and consider what bells and whistles will be best for you.

If your camera will earn you money, whether part time or full time, you should also consider the absolute “Must Have” features as it is better to spend more money and include all of these features as the extra money you spend will be recouped after just a few jobs.

And this one may be one of your most important considerations when buying a digital Canon camera…i.e. Where to get the best prices.

The best prices are to be had online. Once you decide upon a camera visit your local Canon Camera Authorized Dealer and play around with your camera of choice, then come back home and order online.

Amazon and Ritz Camera often have some excellent deals. And with no sales tax and FREE Shipping you simply can’t beat their prices.

And as a final consideration, remember to check out what rebates come with your purchase. You can find this out by asking them at Ritz Camera, or by visiting Canon’s website and searching out rebates.

So armed with this info you are all set to buy your Canon Digital Camera