Benefits Compact Digital Camera
By: Date: December 8, 2019 Categories: Camera

Lower cost

Compared to film photographs where film processing fee is required and film prices have risen recently as supply diminishes, users only have to spend minimal ongoing costs on compact cameras since images can be stored in computer devices without printing. If you have a few photos you really like, you can print them out yourselves or get them professionally printed at photography store without wasting money on printing the unwanted images.

Many digital cameras are highly affordable to those who want to shoot good quality images, for around $150 you can get a pretty respectable camera without sacrificing image quality and features.

Transferring photos

If you want to preserve and share some old film photos on the Internet, you need to scan and convert them into digital format first. Nowadays with a USB cable, users can connect camera directly to their computer, enabling them to perform other elementary image editing in convenience such as resizing images, adding special effects, etc. Another popular alternative is the use of card reader which allows putting images back on a memory card or downloading images to a computer easily.

Ease of use

Compact digital camera allows users to take and print photographs quickly and cheaply without waiting to develop an entire roll of film. These cameras enable you to see the images on the camera screen immediately after it is recorded, so you don’t need a professional photographer to take a great shot. Moreover, compact digital cameras have a variety of scene modes, which automatically select the focus and exposure so that anybody can take superb photos with ease. They are usually small in size and portable, which are extremely easy to use and convenient for travelers.

LCD display

The screen on the back of digital cameras, known as LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) monitor, is used primarily to preview photo and monitor setting changes. Once you snap a photo, it is ready to be displayed on the camera’s LCD screen within a few second, and the cost of processing rolls of film into negatives disappears. If someone blinked or you have taken blurry photos, you will know immediately and retake the photo easily.

Recently, Samsung introduced Samsung ST600 camera featuring double LCD screens, with one at the front which is very convenient when you want to get a picture for yourself.

Capture video and still images

Traditionally, a digital camera only records and stores images. It was only a few years ago that you need to look for a separate camcorder alongside your still camera to capture video. In recent years, many camera companies combine a professional grade still camera with a HD video camera, which is very useful to record the most memorable events of one’s life.