Choosing Waterproof Video Camera
By: Date: November 19, 2019 Categories: Camera

Waterproof camcorders were created for just those types of moments when you’re involved in outdoor activities or parties. This type of camera is a terrific, multifunctional alternative to traditional cameras. The most waterproof camera could function at very low temperatures and are also designed to be sand-resistant and also shock-resistant.

Many people have been dismayed when their camera falls on the ground or in the water, because these accidents will break most ordinary cameras. This is often not the case with a waterproof camera, but you do have to be wise about making the best choice in purchasing a waterproof camera.

Keep in mind what your budget is, what goals you have for the camera, where you want to go, and what you want to do with your camera before you make the purchase.

When you will choose your waterproof video camera pay attention to the following technical details:

  • When you’re filming, high resolution is great to have. Try to make sure you get a waterproof camera with a high definition display.
  • If you plan on using the camera underwater, you’ll want to think about the depths to which you dive. Check the specifications of the camera to make sure it will still function at those depths. For example, some cameras have a dive limit of only 3 feet, while others have dive limits up to 200 feet. You should also check to see if the manufacturer recommends using the camera in only fresh water, or if the camera will work just as well in salt water.
  • Another important feature for underwater photography or videography is the ability to control the functions manually. Manual functions are usually much easier to handle, but if you must purchase an underwater camera with automatic functions, just make sure to choose a camera with quick response times.
  • Check the lifetime of the battery. If the lifetime of the battery is long enough for your use and is a rechargeable battery, you will save money in the long run over buying disposable batteries.
  • Before you make your purchase, decide if you will need to add accessories to your camera. If this is the case, you may need to purchase a housing and/or additional filters.
  • If a housing is something you need, make sure you find one that can dive at least as deep as your camera can. If you know that your camera can record down to 15 feet, but you want to go to 33 feet, a housing can help keep your camera safe and free of damage.
  • The filters can help balance reds and greens, since the light spectrum underwater is completely different from the light spectrum on land.
  • Also, if you’re looking to shoot pictures from a distance, try to find a quality camera with optical zoom. Good optical zoom is better than digital zoom, so focus on the amount of magnification the camera supports for optical zoom.

Expect the prices for a quality waterproof camera to be higher than those of traditional cameras.