Digital Camera Care
By: Date: October 2, 2019 Categories: Camera

It is a must that you clean your camera regularly using the right cleaning cloth and a few drops of lens cleaning fluid. The cloth should have ultra fine micro fibers since some camera parts such as lenses and the LDC screen are delicate. Using tissue or other cloths with sharper textures might scratch the surfaces. You can use the proper cleaning cloth in removing dirt, finger prints, and dust without harming the lenses and surfaces of your camera. You should do this on a regular basis to prevent dirt build-up as when dirt gets into the internal parts of your camera; it can cause a bigger trouble.

One of the most important camera accessories that you have to invest in is a good camera bag. This is to protect your camera while you travel, or go outdoors. It also protects your camera from extreme weather conditions. You have to make sure that your camera bag is waterproof to be more careful. Aside from the fact that camera bags protect your camera, it also makes it easier for you to go around with it as you can be sure that your camera will be safe and also secure when you carry it with a bag.

When you store your camera, be sure that it is not exposed to extreme weather conditions such as extreme cold or extreme heat as too much of these can damage the internal parts of your digital camera. When it’s too cold, condensation can happen to your camera. When this happens, you have to remove the batteries and memory card so the compartments remain dry. Too much exposure to the sun can also damage the lens sensors of your camera. When storing your camera, it helps if you wrap it in a towel to protect it from extreme temperature conditions.

You should also avoid exposing your camera from shock, vibrations or too much pressure. The key to avoiding these probable damaging factors is by paying attention. Always make sure that your camera bag is securely closed whenever the camera is inside it. Avoid dropping your camera even at small heights. In general, prevent it from experiencing too much or extreme movements as these factors can damage both the internal and external parts of your camera.

If your digital camera is not waterproof or if you don’t have an underwater casing, prevent it from interaction with water as this can cause internal condensation. As much as possible keep your camera dries. But if in case you drop it accidentally in water, wipe it with towel and empty all the compartments. Allow it to dry then bring to the nearest repair shop for advice and repair if necessary.