Droste Effect Photography
By: Date: June 4, 2019 Categories: Photography

Use photo editing software

Once you have taken a photo that you are happy with, open up your photo editing software program of choice, and open an image on your computer that you want to apply the Droste effect to. Your photo editing software program will open the file for editing. Using an eraser or brush tool from the control panel, click on the slider to make the edges of the eraser feathered. You may want to play around with a number of different brush presets in the control panel area before you choose on a tool which will best create this effect. An eraser or brush tool with a feathered edge can soften the transitions between the different images that you will use to create the Droste effect.

Use the brush tool to erase portions of the image

Using the brush or eraser tool on the photo that you want to edit, erase regions of the image which have an outline. If you have opened a photograph portrait of a face, use the eraser to erase areas of the face that have strong outlines, such as the hairline and the eyebrow. Use a layer in the control panel that will enable you to duplicate the image, and then drag the second layer so it is placed underneath the original image. You will be able to see the original image underneath the areas you have erased using the brush or eraser tool.

Rotate the layer

Use a tool that enables you to rotate the second layer to a different position than the original layer. You should be able to do this by dragging the corners of the box of the duplicated layer and rotating the image to a different orientation. Drag the box corner slowly until you are happy with the finished result. The duplicated layer should appear much further back in the image, creating an almost 3D-like quality. Repeat this process until you have numerous layers which have been rotated. You may need to employ trial and error until you end up with a finished image that recreates Droste effect photography.