Having Perfect Online Imagery Portfolio
By: Date: November 7, 2019 Categories: Photography

Know the value of a portfolio

Having your creative works displayed, and easily accessible to the world is a great investment. There is always someone out there willing to hire a creative mind that can handle creative assignments. That alone should prompt you to create a strong online imagery portfolio that will expose your work to the world.

Gather your favorite Imageries

Locate and gather all your favorite images into an online collection and don’t mind about the numbers. You can have as many as 500 images. This is an opportunity to place value on your past years of shooting, by building a master gallery.

Now, trim the unnecessary fat

Yes, it is obvious that you love most or all of the images you added to your portfolio, but it is now time to trim out what is less valuable. You want a strong portfolio, right? Set a target, to remain with 250 images that you deem are perfect.

Take a break, and redo the trimming process again

The idea is to remain with a perfect gallery, one that you will confidently build on in the subsequent days to come. Therefore, throw out another 150 images that you love least. Now you are done. Proceed to build your portfolio with the remaining 100 unquestionable images.

Rearrange your work

Pair and rearrange your images to have that smooth flow of interrelation. A good arrangement helps the viewer to read the visual stories one to another with enjoyment. Sequence! is the word. Let whoever may desire to hire your services to get that logic of a beginning, middle and end in your portfolio, as that talks more about your expertise.

Ask for honest feedbacks

Do you have friends with some level of objectivity or those with professional insight in images? Give them a link to your online work and have them comment. With this age of social media, it is easy to get constructive criticism. Use the feedbacks to improve your creativity.