How to Make Beautiful Photos
By: Date: November 14, 2019 Categories: Photography
  1. To make your photos interesting you must have a camera with function, which allows you disable the automatic settings and set them manually. Often in practice it’s SLR digital camera. It also has a better matrix, which affects the quality of the photos and you can change lenses, allowing you to take your photos more diverse, giving you more space for creativity.
  2. Try to take pictures as best as possible, to make minimum adjustments on the computer later. Try to mentally divide the frame into nine equal parts and possibly put important objects on the intersections, not in the center of the photo. This will make the photo composition more dynamic.
  3. Don’t get carried away with the flash. It often makes blurry photos and faces can be flat. To avoid blurry photos lean hands on a firm surface and press the shutter during the pause in heartbeat. Only practice helps you to hold the camera confidently and steady.
  4. Look for unusual angles and subjects. You can make an interesting shot when you photographed only part of the object, composition can be built in abstract forms.
    Look for bright and unusual color combinations. Try to remove any small objects from the frame, they can distract from the main view.
  5. Analyze why you like or don’t like your photos, it will help you in the process of shooting.
  6. Shoot animals and children from the floor or at the level of their eyes, it will make your pictures more interesting.
  7. Try not to “only press the button”, photography – thoughtful process. It makes sense to get around with the different parties of the object to choose the best angle.
  8. Learn to observe. This is crucial for the further development of you as a great photographer. Look around to notice interesting and unusual events that can become the basis for photography.
  9. Get used to the fact that you are still a beginner. If you just started studying photography and you make a “brilliant photos”, then your self-esteem somewhat overstated. In this case, you just need looking for the slightest faults and getting rid of them.
  10. Try to make a lot of different photos and practice will make you better!