Newborn Photography Ideas
By: Date: November 24, 2019 Categories: Photography

Fun painted furniture

This is pretty obvious though. Fun painted furniture not only increase the colour in the picture but also induces a smile on the baby. Such kind of furniture is also an awesome prop when it comes to other types of photography

Tip: Always try to be as close as possible to the child to prevent him/her from harm

Stuffed animals

Discover a world of adorable stuffed animals. These are actually the simplest props you can use in newborn photography. Not only are they cute but they are the cheapest and most loved by babies. You wouldn’t deny the fact that almost every newborn baby has a stuffed animal. Just let the baby hold, lie or even support him/herself on the stuffed animal and capture that moment.

Baby hammocks

Newborns the world over always enjoy the comfort of a natural baby hammock. This baby bed encourages easy sleep with a gentle bouncing motion and curved line that will minimize pressure on your infant. The baby should stay safely on their back in a cocoon-like environment with good air-flow. Then capture that moment when he/she is all smiles and relaxed.

Tip: Make sure the hammocks are 100 percent safe. We all know a hammock can fall causing injuries.

Hang a garland

A garland is a decorative wreath or cord, used at festive occasions, which can be hung round a person’s neck. Just buy a good looking garland from your favorite store. Then hang the garland round the child’s neck.

Tip. Keep in mind this is a young child tus the garland should be smooth and harmless. Keep safe.