Night Vision Security Cameras
By: Date: January 16, 2020 Categories: Camera

There are many types of cameras available in the market. To decide which camera will suit your needs and which one you should buy, some home work is required. The different types of night vision cameras are:

  • Outdoor wired night vision surveillance camera: these are ideal for outdoor applications. Using this camera, you can monitor whatever is happening in the area covered by the camera.
  • Motion Sensor Cameras: They use sensors to detect motion. Recording is only started, when the sensor sees some motion. The advantage of this kind of camera is that it reduces the recording time.
  • Vandal proof night cameras: These cameras are used in vandalism prone areas. These cameras are very sturdy and difficult to be ruined by a vandal.
  • Day night color cameras: color recording is done during day time. And in night, the camera automatically switches to black and white mode.
  • Infrared night cameras: Night vision cameras work well even in low-light conditions. But for places with no light, infrared night vision camera is required.
  • Mobile spy night cameras: As the name suggests, mobile spy cameras are mobile and can be placed anywhere near the area you want to do recording. Night vision is used when you use these cameras in night as they can see things even in dark.
  • Wireless night vision camera: are very easy to use. These cameras can be moved anywhere without re-installation.

Night vision cameras with infrared feature can be used in any kind of lighting conditions, low light condition, or no light condition. The advantage of a night vision camera is that it can see things, which is otherwise not visible to a naked human eye. However, night vision cameras with infrared illumination are quite expensive comparative to its other counter parts.

Choosing a security camera that fulfills all your requirements is not an easy task. There are so many security cameras available in the market that it may confuse you in deciding, which camera you should buy. The basic factors that you should consider before buying are: type of application (indoor or outdoor), camera resolution (low or high), camera model (static or PTZ model), and the type of camera (day/night or only night vision).