Peek At Photo Frames
By: Date: July 15, 2019 Categories: Photography

Types of photo frames

  • Wooden frames, these are perhaps the oldest of the available photo frames, they are made of wood that has been joined at the corners to form a shape that acts as a structural reinforcement to a photo. The wooden types are simple and readily available. The other advantage with them is that they are resistance to damages like breakages and abrasion.
  • Glass frames, these are the most modern of the photo frames they are made from glass and often are of limited small sizes due to their weight and fragility. Glass frames offer elegant displays due to the transparent nature of glass creating and a seamless illusion that makes the photo to be the center of attraction.
  • Acrylic photo frames, acrylic is a synthetic material that produces glass-like equipment used in different manufacturing processes. In frames, acrylic is the best since they are like glass frames only that they are light and do not readily break. This, therefore, means that these frames are
  • Metal frames, these are metallic structures, and they are rare due to challenges like weight and cost. Rarely do people prefer metallic frames unless they intend to display photos outside where weather elements are a factor and require larger displays like billboards.
  • Other types of frames include those that are temporarily used as photo frames, such as, the plastic and reed woven structures.

Ideal Frames for Photo Display

From the above-detailed classification, the perfect photo frames are the acrylic frames. This is because they are a classical way to have your photo display as well as they have superior merits over the glass frames. These frames are available in different shapes and different sizes making them the most ideal.