Peekaboo Photography
By: Date: August 26, 2019 Categories: Photography

A lot of parents sign their children up for peekaboo photography. To make this session more meaningful, you can bring personal items that your photographers can use. Think about the things that can represent love, heritage, and other values. Your selection of accessories may include the following:

  • Your child’s personalized toys. Do you have play items with your child’s name on it? Or any toys that you have customized for the use of your child? Perhaps some stuff toys that he or she keeps and will treasure forever. These makes peekaboo images more personal.
  • Jewellery that has been passed from generation to generation. This represents the continuation of the family line with the youngest members as the new owners. Photographers can easily integrate family jewellery into the setting. Some nice accessories to use are rings, necklaces, timepieces and even brooches.
  • Your family quilt. This can serve as a backdrop or a blanket for your child. A quilt owned by the family can be best showcased in peekaboo photography.
  • A chest that’s been with your family for years. It is so cute and sweet to see images of little ones inside a chest, basket or a bucket. You can always create a story behind such peekaboo photographs.
  • Work equipment of parents. What dream you have for your child can be represented with the work equipment that you have now. Your son can use the ball if Dad is a ball player. This is like saying one day he will take over whatever is left behind. You are creating the story of paving the way towards that future.
  • Family pet. Let your family dog or cat share the limelight with your child. Such peekaboo photographs can represent unique family dynamics and relationships. Your family pet can stand beside your kid or they can look at each other.