Perform Trick and Create Special Effects
By: Date: November 15, 2019 Categories: Photography

ISO speed – The ISO speed is the sensitivity of the camera to available light in the surroundings. For most cameras, the lowest ISO speed setting is 100. The good ISO speed settings for trick photography ranges between 100 to about 400 as this speed range greatly reduces digital image noise.

What could be annoying as having image noises in your photos? Image noises are those out-of-place pixels on your digital images that have to be cleaned up with an image editor like adobe photoshop. Not to spend hours cleaning up images you have just taken, it is best to minimize their occurrence by adjusting your camera’s ISO speed. Right?

Generally speaking, to get brighter image, you will have to increase your ISO speed setting (and vice versa). In places like a concert with low light, a higher ISO speed setting is required to give more details from your subject (you will also get more noise).

I believe you already know that setting your ISO speed high is a bad idea if you have flash, LED strips, and other sources of light. As these sources compensate for light, you will have to leave your ISO settings low.

Another camera setting that will help you create stunning images is the aperture. The aperture or sometimes called the f-stop settings regulate the amount of light that enters your camera’s lens. The rule for f-stop values is simple: the higher the f-stop value (ex: f=32), the darker your image. The lower the value, the wider the aperture becomes and brighter your image gets.

Mastering your camera’s white balance settings will help you choose good settings when choosing color temperature for your images. These pre-set values in the white balance settings of your camera makes your images warmer or cooler depending on what you want to accomplish with your shot. For cooler images, settings like fluorescent will make colors and light look bluish. If you want more neutral tones (staying true to the actual appearance of the subject) then presets like Shade will do.