Plus Size Modelling
By: Date: October 7, 2019 Categories: Photography

Modelling isn’t just taking fancy pictures and having them published in a magazine or shown on T.V. Modelling is a highly skilled, often understated, profession. Because there are so many types of modelling such as Runway or Editorial, and we often see the same faces splashed across the pages in glossy magazines, people often underestimate the skill and effort that is put in to become a successful model.

Recently, there has been desperation amongst designers and brands for ‘bigger’ models. Debenhams, the high street store has started to use size 10-16 mannequins to display clothes in stores across the country. This is because it’s a better representation of the women that are going to buy them. Now the majority of high street fashion brands are following suit.

Robyn Lawley made headlines earlier this month, because she has become the new face of French lingerie brand ‘Chantelle’. The size 12 model is classed as ‘plus size’ throughout the industry but guess what.. The collection wasn’t designed for curvier women and in the images that were used to promote the new collection; she wore nothing that was created for ‘plus size’ women.

The point is, don’t be disheartened if you’re slightly curvier than some of the women you see in magazines, be excited! The use of ‘plus size’ models within the modelling industry is on the increase and so it should be. So many girls, and boys, would make amazing models but because they don’t necessarily look like the current models out there, it doesn’t mean they can’t do it; in fact, it’s more proof that they could do it. A well-known example of this is Marilyn Monroe. She’s a role model for girls and women all around the world but what many people don’t know about Miss Monroe, is that at the height of her career she wore, what is now size 14-16 clothing.