Professional Post Editing
By: Date: September 3, 2019 Categories: Photography

Basic Features

Most photo editing software packages and apps will allow you to make adjustments across a range of different elements, and this may include the ability to remove red eye, cropping, blemish removal, color enhancement, sharpening or softening the image etc.

Resizing your Images

Because digital photography works on the amount of pixels in a photo, it is possible to resize the images by making them larger or smaller. Although, the downside to this is the degrading of the image quality should your adjustments be big rather than minor.

Flipping or Rotating your Image

This is a very handy feature to have, as it allows you to rotate the image, especially if you have scanned an image on to your computer and it is upside down. All it takes to get your image the right way around is a couple of clicks of the mouse, which is a lot quicker than having to rescan the image.

Image Enhancement

This is another handy feature of many photo editing apps and programs, as it gives the user the opportunity to remove red eye, blemishes, and scratches and even remove items and people that are not wanted in the image. All of which will help to enhance the final image.

Contrast and Color Alterations

Despite our best efforts at trying to capture the perfect image, there are going to be times when the image appears dull and lifeless, and this is usually do to with the color and contrast of the image. Being able to adjust the color and contrast of an image is one way in which you can add new life and vibrancy to your photos.