Selecting Digital Scouting Camera
By: Date: December 1, 2019 Categories: Camera


Digital scouting cameras which include an external battery jack are excellent choices. A typical digital camera battery used in a hunting territory may last ten days or less. A large external rechargeable battery can function for five or six months in a hunting area. They save money over the long term and save hunters from spending the time to continually access the deer camera. Less trips also makes it less likely a hunter will scare away the deer with human scent.

Trigger Time

This is basically a measurement of the amount of time that elapses from the detection of motion by the camera until the picture is taken. Some deer cameras react immediately while other can take five seconds. If the camera is taking images at a food plot then a quick trigger time is not necessary.

Flash Types

Infrared flashes have advantages over incandescent flashes such as requiring substantially less energy, they don’t scare the deer and they react quicker. However, the incandescent variety produces better photographs.

Flash Range

The distance the digital scouting camera’s flash can capture the image of a deer is important. Some cameras can work up to 80 feet or more while others did not work properly at over 15 feet.

Picture Resolution

The picture resolution varies depending on the number of pixels the digital scouting camera has. The basic range for deer cameras is from 1 to 4 pixels and the higher the number the better the resolution. However, if a digital camera claims to have 4 pixels you may not get 4 pixel photographs since the camera’s software is an important factor for the quality of the image. Some digital scouting cameras are capable of producing better photographs than cameras with a higher pixel number.

Time/Date Stamp

When hunters are attempting to figure out the movements of the bucks the time and date stamps are essential. Some of the lower priced digital scouting cameras do not have this feature.

Detection Range

Deer cameras have various detection ranges. Hunters can purchase cameras with ranges from 25 feet to more than 100 feet.


The internal memory for a digital scouting camera is typically not very important. If you choose to use the internal memory you will have to take the camera home to download the pictures into your computer or take a laptop with you to the camera site. An external memory card is the preferred choice.