Taking Great Photos on Phone
By: Date: December 17, 2019 Categories: Photography

Check the Lighting

First of all it is all about the lighting, if the lighting is poor, you can forget about having a great image. Check if your flash is on, and check the light settings. This is a fantastic way to make sure that you can snap the perfect photo. Great lighting, equals great photos and that means that your images will look great no matter what.

Choose Your Background Wisely

Make sure that you’re standing in a position that has a great background. Don’t settle for clutter in the background, or people that are walking past as you take your photo. If you’re trying to snap a photo of the scenery around you, then wait for the perfect moment. One of the great skills that a photographer needs is patience.

Practice Makes Perfect

Take more than one picture and choose the one you like best. If you want to snap a good photo, you should aim to take the same image more than once, at least three times. That way you will be able to flick through your snaps and choose the best one afterwards. Practicing with your camera and capturing the same images more than once will most definitely result in you being able to get more picture perfect snaps.

If it’s A Selfie Look Happy!

If you are capturing a selfie moment, then make sure that you smile and look happy. No one wants to see a picture of you looking moody and glum.

Make Sure That Your Lens Is Clean

As silly as it sounds, many camera phone owners attempt to take the perfect picture, but forget to clean the lens! Just make sure that you make a point of routinely wiping your camera phone lens. It should be done at least weekly, and always checked if you feel that your photos are looking a bit worse for wear.

Turn Off All Effects

Effects are a great feature on your mobile phone, but make sure that you turn them all off when taking pictures. Perfection does not come with effects when you are snapping the image; make sure that frames, effects like black and white are all switched off. You will do a lot better by using a photo editing tool after your pictures have been taken.