Various Styles of Wedding Photography
By: Date: July 15, 2019 Categories: Photography


The main idea behind this timeless style is to produce posed photographs for display in a portrait album. The photographer works from a “shot list,” ensuring he or she covers all the elements the bride and groom have requested. To make sure every detail of the shots is perfect, the photographer and her assistants not only adjust their equipment, but also the background, the subject’s body alignment, and even the attire.

The time taken to take pictures and the quality of work is directly proportionate. Setting up of formal pictures is strenuous and takes a long time as well. Artistic pictures are produced only if considerable amount of time is invested on taking the pictures. It is vital that the bride and the groom identify the amount of time required for the pictures to be taken and adjust it with the rest of the day’s proceedings. The time taken to create the images completely depends on the photographer. You need to ensure you are able to give that much for photography alone. This style is not for individuals who get conscious in front of a camera.


Photojournalistic is the exact opposite of traditional. This type of photography is all about capturing everything as it happens. The photographer religiously works at the background making it easier for the couple to be moving about and having fun instead of posing for pictures all the time. It is vital that the photographer is at the right place at the right time to ensure the success of this style. A person who is hesitant towards posing for pictures finds reportage style to work for them perfectly.

The editorial

The style comes from inspiration obtained from fashion magazines. This type of photography requires a lot of planning. The photographer usually takes help from assistants to set up equipment in advance. There is the involvement of time and so it is important that you understand and are ready to devote the time required.

Fine art style

This type is evolved from traditional photography and provides a contemporary touch to posed pictures. Sometimes these pictures can seem a bit impersonal due to overuse and so you need to make sure the photographer is seasoned and a professional with experience.