Month: October 2019

Become a Street Photographer
By: Date: October 11, 2019 Categories: Photography

There are street photographers who are like ghosts. You don’t notice them and you certainly don’t notice them photographing you. They carry small cameras and they have learned the trick of focusing the lens by judging the distance between the subject and the camera and adjusting the focus ring based on that distance. Basically, they shoot from the hip, with wide lenses to compensate for framing defects as they don’t actually see the frame, they can only guess it. With such a behavior, it is normal not to see them. They are not paparazzi, but the people tend to control themselves when a person aims a camera at them. By shooting without their knowledge, you can capture genuine expressions which are the heart of street photography.

Stalk people. It’s not illegal on the street. See a person you like, walk …

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Small Digital Cameras
By: Date: October 10, 2019 Categories: Camera

The main reason why smaller cameras have better quality is because of advanced sensor and imaging technology available today. The current technologies basically allows the user to take pictures with the same amount of quality and richness through more megapixels, better camera mechanics, denser sensor displays, and other features. That’s not all. What makes the deal so much sweeter with point and click cameras is that the prices for these are continuing to go down. You can practically own a nifty little camera at a lesser, discounted cost.

These great features definitely make a tempting offer. Next time, be sure not to pass an opportunity of taking great pictures simply because you didn’t bring your digital camera with you. Most of the best point and click cameras are sleek, tiny, compact, and can fit in the palm of your hand. …

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Cleaning Camera Sensor
By: Date: October 9, 2019 Categories: Camera

Perhaps it seems there is a dull spot in the photos, or faces not appearing as sharp as they did in your portraiture. Yes, it could be as simple as a smudge on the lens of your camera, but if you have tried cleaning in and still notice the same problems, then chances are you may have dust or similar on your camera sensor.

But what exactly is the camera sensor? In layman’s terms, the camera’s image sensor is that part of the camera that converts the light of the optical image in front of the camera into an electrical signal. It is located in the camera body behind the camera lenses.

If this is the case, then it is time to clean the camera sensor. Before we do this however, we must clarify one thing first. The concept of …

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Plus Size Modelling
By: Date: October 7, 2019 Categories: Photography

Modelling isn’t just taking fancy pictures and having them published in a magazine or shown on T.V. Modelling is a highly skilled, often understated, profession. Because there are so many types of modelling such as Runway or Editorial, and we often see the same faces splashed across the pages in glossy magazines, people often underestimate the skill and effort that is put in to become a successful model.

Recently, there has been desperation amongst designers and brands for ‘bigger’ models. Debenhams, the high street store has started to use size 10-16 mannequins to display clothes in stores across the country. This is because it’s a better representation of the women that are going to buy them. Now the majority of high street fashion brands are following suit.

Robyn Lawley made headlines earlier this month, because she has become the new …

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Digital Camera Care
By: Date: October 2, 2019 Categories: Camera

It is a must that you clean your camera regularly using the right cleaning cloth and a few drops of lens cleaning fluid. The cloth should have ultra fine micro fibers since some camera parts such as lenses and the LDC screen are delicate. Using tissue or other cloths with sharper textures might scratch the surfaces. You can use the proper cleaning cloth in removing dirt, finger prints, and dust without harming the lenses and surfaces of your camera. You should do this on a regular basis to prevent dirt build-up as when dirt gets into the internal parts of your camera; it can cause a bigger trouble.

One of the most important camera accessories that you have to invest in is a good camera bag. This is to protect your camera while you travel, or go outdoors. It also …

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Photography Tips for Amateurs
By: Date: October 1, 2019 Categories: Photography

Get a bulb

Now what on earth can a bulb do? It can act as your tripod. No I’m not medically insane. It actually does. Take the lampshade off and tie the camera to the lampshade holder. Trust me the party pictures look awesome and you are the new Micheal Kenna.

Get a PEZ on the hot shoe

Trust me the kid will just fail to look away. He has all his attention drawn on the PEZ dispenser put up on the camera’s hot shoe.Get some candies too. Incredible genius is what accomplishes will call you later.

Flashing day and night

If you are an outdoor photographer, the same kind of lighting is sure to get you bored. A wedding or an engagement is where the lighting can never be forced upon. The trick to changing the lighting is to …

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